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rachel's fic [userpic]

Ficlet: Skins: Everything is quiet, Since you're not around (Chris and Jal) PG-13

March 7th, 2008 (07:13 pm)

Title: Everything is quiet, Since you're not around
Author: Rachel (15north)
Fandom: Skins
Characters: Chris and Jal, mentions of others
Spoilers: series one, episode four ("Chris")
Word count: 459 words
Rating: PG-13 for mention of drug use
Note: Thanks to hazyflights for reading over this and telling me that it was decent (okay, so she said that it was better than that). This is only my second Chris and Jal (or Skins in general) fic, so enjoy! I hope to write more of them soon. Title from a Third Eye Blind song. It doesn't go completely with the fic, but more the character's feelings about the people they're missing.

Jal never talked about her mother much, but Chris could tell which days she was thinking about her. There were the days that she and Michelle would be talking about something and the next second Jal was looking off and Michelle was placing a hand on her shoulder for a moment. No one else seemed to notice, so Chris would just pass the spliff and hope that it would help.

There were the days that she would just get up a walk away. Those were the worst, Chris thought. No one would follow after her, not even him. Michelle would look on for a moment and then go back to whatever it was that she was doing before. Sometimes Chris wondered if maybe the two of them had spoken about it before and Jal had told her not to bother, and sometimes he wished that he had been told what to do.

Then there were the days that he actually did try to help, without passing a spliff, a pill, or a bottle. They were nights really. She had trouble sleeping at other people's houses and he preferred not to sleep at all. They would be at a party and most people were gone or asleep, save for the few drunk and tired couples dancing slowly to a fast song. She would be seated on the couch with that look on her face. She always looked so alone and sand, and there was no way that he could consider himself her friend if he didn't join her. Michelle seemed to have a reason to ignore those moments, but he didn't know any better.

Those nights he would sit next to her and hope that she would talk first. She never did. He would mention something about Peter, something small that he barely remembered, just something that stood out in his mind, like the morning that he tried to make Chris eat a raw egg. Then she would mentioned something about her mum, something he was sure she probably didn't think was important until she was gone.

Those were the few nights that he could actually remember having an entire conversation with anyone. It would last about thirty minutes, while the couples were slowly dragging away to find a bed or a corner to sleep in. Once they were gone he would get up and turn the player off, and ask her to dance. She would always say no so he would go back to the couch. The room was dead silent, but it wasn't awkward to him. Those were the nights that she would fall asleep at someone else's house and he would wake up with the phantom imprint of her hand in his and her head on his shoulder.


Posted by: mademoiselle (deuxcoeurs)
Posted at: March 8th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC)

This is absolutely lovely. It really is. I love the connection between them, and you portrayed it so well in this fic!

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