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Roswell; Tess; Queen's Homecoming; PG

August 25th, 2008 (09:20 pm)

Queen's Homecoming

Roswell [Tess, with mentions of Max, Michael, Isabel, Nasedo] PG/1,273 words

Note: Set in late season one, during the first couple of episodes that Tess was in. This is very much a exploration of her character at that point. Dialogue used is from the show, and I added in a "power" from the book series. Feedback would be great.

You remember so much, but you yearn to remember so much more. You remember the smell of his skin, but you can't remember exactly what the skin looked like. You remember the feel of his skin under your finger tips, but you're human now, on the outside at least, and it's hard to picture exactly what your skin and his skin looked like in that past life.

The past life is what haunts your dreams, but you welcome it. It's haunting because the you in the dreams is a dead queen named Ava and you're not really her. It's welcoming because it, he, feels like home.


Nasedo isn't home and you both know it. He doesn't even try to pretend that he doesn't care, doesn't try to pretend that he wasn't just sent here to protect you and that you're just an order that he has to obey. There are times when he calls you his "little girl" or his "daughter", but that is always in the presence of someone he's just putting on a show for.

He won't talk about them, but they're out there. There's a box in the office of the apartment with pictures that he's obtained over the years. You never ask him how he has them, but you imagine that's part of his duties. When you were younger you couldn't really recognize the children in the pictures, but, as the two boys and the girl got older and older, something started to wake up and you knew who they were. They were family.


He's contacted one evening and even you can tell that he's surprised by it. He leaves you alone for two days, enough time for him to get there and back, but not enough time to raise any suspicion in your new close knit neighborhood. He tells you that you're both moving to Roswell, New Mexico to protect the rest of the Royal Four. It scares you a little deep down, but you feel your heart awaken more and more at the sound of his name - Zan - and you know that there is a place for you there.

He tells you to lay low at first, to just say that you're Tess Harding, a new girl at a new school, and no one else. He has to find out what they know, what they can do.

You spot him first, Zan, and he's so much more than the pictures show. His aura didn't show in the pictures, something Nasedo told you would come with time, but you can spot it slightly around him in person. It's warm and you know that he's the one that you're destined to be with, the one you dream about but can never truly touch. Nasedo warns you to stay away, at least for a little while longer, but you can't. This is the moment, the people you've been waiting your entire life for, and you can't be expected to wait for further direction.


You see his sister and second and they're lovely together. You can see their auras, but less than Zan's. They're connected as well, but disconnected at the same time.

You've been through this routine before, but this time it's more important. You have to get it right this time. The first day at your other schools didn't really matter, you were able to say and do whatever you wanted, make the friends and enemies that you wanted, and it wouldn't really hurt your world. You can't do this here in Roswell, so you step back as Nasedo says.

Vilandra, or Isabel, is the first one you decide to talk to. You can remember her being a friend in the past, but, still, there's something about her that almost scares you away.

Can I join you? It's a simple question and it gets the job done. She and her friend, Alex, let you sit with them at lunch and you talk to her like a normal teenage girl. It's something you've done plenty of times before, but this time it's different. She's pretending along with you, you can feel it, and it's working. You're closer and closer to being home and you can feel the sun from your home on your skin when you close your eyes. Let me see your schedule. I wonder if we have any classes together.

She invites you over to her house, to her house with her actual family, with Zan. You continue to act like a normal teenager and it's there that you meet him, your husband, Max in this life for the first time. His warmth radiates across the room, but you force yourself not to show that he's anyone but a normal teenager, just like you. Rath... Michael, is as touchy as ever and automatically you can tell that he is suspicious of you. You back off a little more, but continue to be Isabel's friend.


There's a brunette, Liz, in his life, but it's okay. You're his wife and you're connected, so there's no way that a human girl could come between you. You're there now, in Roswell, right there within his reach. You mindwarp him when he's with her anyway, sending him flashes of the two of you, letting him feel and see the passion he has for you deep inside. You know that she can't get in the way, because you're Ava and he's Zan, Queen and King, but there's a deep rage within you when you see him stroking her face or holding her hand right there in front of you. The mindwarping works because he starts to look at you differently, almost as if he's scared that he's seeing you that way, but you know that it's just because his heart and mind are opening up to you.


I'm a little bummed your brother is unavailable. I'm sort of into those serious mooded guys. You stop backing away and decide that it's okay to show a little interest in him. But she tells you that he feels that Liz is his soul mate and it takes all that you have to not tell her right there that you are one of them and there's only four of you, not five.


So this must be the Isabel my Tessie's been raving about, huh? Names like "Tessie", "sweetie", "honey" are almost sickening coming from him, but you allow it without any obvious contempt because Isabel is standing in your house and he knows who she is so much more than you do. It's a shock to both of you that she's there, but you both play along, as daddy and daughter, and make it through without her seeming suspicious.


You can't stay away. It's hard when you know so much about him, about what you are to him, or what you are supposed to be to him.

It's raining and he's leaving her for the night and he looks so content. There's an image in your head, a memory, of him looking that content because of you.

You tell him that your car broke down, in the middle of the rain, right in front of his girlfriend's home, but he doesn't believe you. You're doing something to me. The sound of those words fill you with something you've never felt for another person, human, alien before.

You kiss him then, the rain coming down in huge drops, soaking through your clothes. Despite his hesitation he kisses you back and you know this is what you've been waiting for.

You've been waiting to feel home, and you finally do.


Posted by: Victoria (blighted_star)
Posted at: August 27th, 2008 01:02 am (UTC)
MT: My Mind Beats Against You But My

I would love to read a continuation of this fic --- of course one that ends with a more positive Tess and Max/Tess ending.

Posted by: jadovnomykc (jadovnomykc)
Posted at: October 30th, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)

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