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rachel's fic [userpic]

Fic/Ficlet: Veronica Mars: Thoughtful... Really (Cassidy, Dick) PG-13

February 3rd, 2008 (06:08 pm)

Title: Thoughtful... Really
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Cassidy, Dick, Kendall
Word Count: 719
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cassidy and Dick aren't the most traditional...
Note: For stay_golden89. Sorry it's so late, and sorry for how short it is. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

When they were younger they were really big on getting presents and their parents seemed to be really big on getting them whatever was on their lists.

This was before their mother left, and before Cassidy let Dick in on a little secret.

"They don't get our gifts."
"Our nanny does it, Dick."

Somehow, from that Christmas on, gifts began to mean less and less. Even when their mother sent gifts to them, there was still an overpowering curiosity that arrived with them.

"Who do you think got these?"

Cassidy looked up from the portable game system and to the metal microscope sitting in front of Dick.

"Definitely not mom. I would at least think that she would know who to give this to." He lifted the game up and tossed it to Dick. Dick caught it smoothly and kicked the microscope over to Cassidy with his socked foot.

"It was probably her new kid's nanny." He stood up and started heading out of the room. "Don't worry, Beav. We'll get trashed tonight." He placed his hand in Cassidy's hair and mussed it.

The smaller boy sighed and fixed his hair. Dick let the room and Cassidy looked at the scattered wrapping paper.

"Yeah, Merry Christmas."

- -

"Look," Dick tossed the sloppily wrapped box into Cassidy's lap and fell back into the couch next to him. "I got you something. Stop moping around."

Cassidy looked at his brother and glared. "Gee, thanks."

"Well..." Dick waved his hand around and gestured to the box. "Open it already."

Cassidy tore the paper off the box, though it practically slid off when he started.

He opened the lid off the cardboard box and immediately threw the box off of his lap and jumped up.

"What the hell, Dick?"
"Relax, bro. I'm just trying to help you out."
"Help.... help me out? I'm sixteen, Dick! What would I need..." He lowered his voice before continuing. "Why would I need Viagra?"
"Uhh... duh."
"You are ridiculous!"

Dick shrugged and picked up the remote control. "I thought it was pretty thoughtful."

"Thoughtful. Really? Explain."
"Well, you have a girlfriend. Of course she's not exactly what I approve of, but whatever. And I figured, since the two of you haven't... I would help."

Cassidy's mouth fell open. "How do... How do you know that we haven't..."

Dick snorted. "It's obvious, man. You're tense."

"He's right. You really are." Cassidy and Dick both looked at the door.

"Why are you here," Dick asked.

"Because I live here." Kendall walked over to the couch and sat down, stealing the remote from Dick's side.


Kendall rolled her eyes and flipped the television to a beauty talk show.

"I'm not watching this crap," Dick bellowed.

"Get out then." She reached down to the floor and lifted the bottle. "And don't forget this."

She tossed it toward Cassidy and it fell at his feet. He looked at Kendall and then leaned down to the bottle.

"How about you get out? And take this. Maybe you can find some 90 year old to make money off of."

"Happy Holidays," Dick singsonged from his place on the couch.

Cassidy's head snapped toward him. "This isn't over."

Dick snorted again. "Oh, I'm so scared."

Cassidy left the room and almost laughed when he heard Dick tell Kendall that he didn't need the pills. He could almost see his brother leering at her. Family love.

He shook his head and muttered "happy holidays" under his breath.